About Diana Aitchison

Diana Aitchison is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated and award-winning reporter with more than 25 years in journalism. She has worked in major daily newspapers nationally and internationally in the U.K.  She was also a field producer for Germany's Der Spiegel and the French television network Canal+.


A highlight of her career: her story about two families living at the foot of a toxic lead smelter plant and the anonymous donor who read it and gave Aitchison two $15,000 checks to give to the families, so they could move to a new home.




The idea emerged with a friend and fellow hospice volunteer over late-night glasses of red wine after meetings. They recognized a need for real journalism from a woman's point of view. The podcast officially launched in December 2016. Diana and guests discuss significant issues that affect  people, not corporations, nor press releases, nor lobbying efforts. The guests she interviews are people in professions but they do not speak for their companies. They speak their minds, and frankly. Facts not fiction.


The name Common Conversation was coined by President Barack Obama when discussing journalism and the ubiquitous state of misinformation and outright propaganda. We live in an era when there is a lot of talking and difficult-to-find truthful information. Our hope is to cut through the chatter and clear a path to truth, facts, common sense and understanding.


Common Conversation is a member of the Fourth Estate, protected by the First Amendment, dedicated to a civilized discussion of truth, facts, and opinion.


We welcome your questions, comments and ideas.

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